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2/21/21 Rabies Challenge Fund Retires Non-Profit Status; Distributes Remaining Funds to Other Non-Profits


Following completion of our research study and publication of the results in the April 2020 issue of The Canadian Journal of Veterinary Research (Vol. 84, No. 2), The Rabies Challenge Fund retired its IRS non-profit corporation status, as of the end of December 2020. The $6,000 balance remaining in the fund at that time was equally distributed in $1,000 increments to the following 501(c)(3) charitable organizations:


1) Pets of the Homeless ( providing pet food and emergency veterinary care to pets that belong to homeless people


2) Magic Bullet Fund ( financial assistance for dogs & cats with cancer


3) Handicapped Pet Foundation ( donating wheelchairs to pets in need

4) Bow Wow Buddies ( dedicated to helping sick and injured dogs by funding urgent medical care and aiding with veterinary bills for serious conditions


5) Onyx & Breezy Foundation ( supporting rescue of animals from kill shelters; food, medicine & suppies; medicine & equipment for military & police canines, etc...


6) Frankie's Friends ( providing financial assistance grants to family owned pets in need of lifesaving emergency or specialty veterinary care whose caregivers cannot afford the full cost of treatment


We would like to thank our supporters for providing the funding for this unprecedented grass-roots rabies challenge research study.

About the Fund

Research has demonstrated that overvaccination can cause harmful adverse effects in dogs. Immunologically, the rabies vaccine is the most potent of the veterinary vaccines and associated with significant adverse reactions...

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The Rabies Challenge Fund is a grassroots, team effort. Every contribution, regardless of size, moves us closer to our goal. We thank all the individuals, businesses, and breed clubs, canine clubs and associations for their generous support.

The Rabies Challenge Fund Charitable Trust will determine the duration of immunity conveyed by rabies vaccines. The goal is to extend the required interval for rabies boosters to 5 and then to 7 years. This project depends primarily upon grassroots gifts for funding the costs of conducting the requisite vaccine trials. Our contributions to date have come mostly from kennel clubs and private individuals.

Rabies Challenge Fund
Rabies Challenge Fund

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Rabies Challenge Fund
Rabies Challenge Fund

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Rabies Challenge Fund
Rabies Challenge Fund

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