Organizations that Contribute to the Rabies Challenge Fund

A special thank you to the following breed clubs, canine clubs, associations and businesses for their support!

Aberdeen Airedales
Admiral Perry Obedience Training Club
Afghan Hound Club of America
Airedale Terrier Club of Metropolitan New York
Akita Club of America
Akita Welfare League
Alaskan Klee Kai Association of America
Alaskan Malamute Club of America
Alaskan Malamute Club of Wisconsin
Albany Obedience Club
Allentown Dog Training Club
American Association of Caucasian Ovcharka Owners (AACOO)
American Bouvier Des Flanders Club
American Bouvier Rescue League
American Bulldog Association
American Bullmastiff Assoc
American Chinese Crested Club
American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association
American Sealyham Terrier Club
American Shih Tzu Club
American Shih Tzu Club Charitable Trust
American Wild Turkey Hunting Dog Association
Anatolian Shepherd Dogs International
Ancient Arts Veterinary Acupuncture
Animal Alternatives Holistic Care Center
Animal Farm Foundation
Animal Wellness Services
Antelope Valley Kennel Club
Apple Valley Rat Terrier Club
Arrowhead Kennel Club – AZ
Arthur C. Kootz Foundation
Atlanta Terrier Club
Badger Kennel Club
Bama’s Natural Instinct
Basset Fauve de Bretagne Club of America
Bay Area Rhodesian Ridgeback Club
Bearded Collie Club of America
Bearded Collie Foundation for Health
Belleville and District Kennel Club
Bernese Mountain Dog Club of America
Bernese Mountain Dog Club of the Greater Twin Cities
Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Nashoba Valley
Bernese Mountain Dog Club of N. California
Bernese Mountain Dog Club of SE Wisconsin
Bichon Frise Club of America
Bill Stavers Dog Training
Border Terrier Club of America
Bravo Raw Diet
Burlington County Kennel Club
Cache Retreat Kennels
Cactus State Miniature Schnauzer Club
Cairn Terrier Club of America
Canadian Mastiff Club of Ontario, Canada
Canine Agility Training Society (CATS)
Canines Unlimited (Alaska)
Capital City Cocker Club
Care Dog Training
The Carmel Pet Sitter LLC
Carolina Kennel Club
Carolinas Bearded Collie Club
Carroll Kennel Club
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club of Northern Arizona
Central Carolina Poodle Club
Central New York Shetland Sheepdog Club
Chambersburg Area Kennel Club, Inc.
Chattahoochee Valley Bernese Mountain Dog Club
Chesapeake, Virginia Dog Fanciers Association
Chicagoland Dalmatian Club
Chicagoland Old English Sheepdog Club
Chicagoland Shetland Sheepdog Club
Chinese Crested Club of Southern California
Chinook Club of America
Clean Run Productions, LLC
Clear Sailing Dog Sports
Cleveland Shetland Sheepdog Club
Collie Club of Georgia
Columbia Agility Team
Combined Specialty Clubs of Greater Milwaukee
Connecticut Valley Vizsla Club
Dachshund Club of America Health and Welfare Trust
Dachshund Club of Metro Atlanta
Dalmation Club of America Foundation
Danish-Swedish Farmdogs USA
Daybreak Kennel
Denver Samoyed Association
Desert Trails All Breed Dog Club
Dexter’s Deli
Doberman Pinscher Club of America
Dog Agility Racing Team of Chino
Dog Awareness Day, 2006-2007
The Dog’s Best Friend, Inc.
Dog Dazed
Dog Sports Video
Dogs XO
Door County Scottie Rally
Double Q Agility Club of WNY
Durham Kennel Club, Inc.
East Tennessee Collie Club
The Enchanted Poodle Club
Erie Kennel Club
Eugene Kennel Club
Evergreen Empire Manchester Terrier Fanciers
Field Spaniel Club of America
Finger Lakes Kennel Club
Five Flags Dog Training Club
For Your Canine Inc.
Forsyth Kennel Club
Frederick H. Prince Testamentary Trust
Galloping Dogs Agility and Flyball Club
Gentle Dental
German Pinscher Club of America, Inc.
Gig Harbor Kennel Club
Golden Gate Gordon Setter Club
Golden Retriever Club of Greater Los Angeles
Golden Triangle Kennel Club of Mississippi
Gordon Setter Club of America
Grateful Pet
Great Dane Club of America
Great Dane Club of New England
Great Plains Bearded Collie Club
Great River Stockdog Club
Greater Collin Kennel Club
Greater Pittsburgh Golden Retriever Club
Greater St. Louis Shetland Sheepdog Club
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Club of America, Inc.
The Groom Room
Gypsy Glen K-9 Kastle
Harrisburg Kennel Club Inc
Havanese Club of America
Healing Hands Healing Massage
Health and Rescue Foundation of Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen Club of America
Healthy Dog Project
Heart of Minnesota Great Dane Club
Holistic Pet Care
The Honest Kitchen Dog and Cat Food
House of Fashions
Hutchinson Kennel Club
The Huntsville Kennel Club
Huntsville Obedience Training Club, Inc.
Illini Great Dane Club
Impact Studios
Iron Range Dog Training Club
Irish Setter Club of Milwaukee
Irish Water Spaniel Club of America
Irish Water Spaniel Club of Puget Sound
Ivy Lane Labradoodles
Journey’s End Ranch Animal Sanctuary
Kennel Club of Buffalo
Kerry Blue Terrier Foundation
Kilshannagh Veterinary Clinic
Kishwaukee Kennel Club
Krusin’ Kanines Agility Club of Perkasie
Kuvasz Fanciers of America
Kuvasz Club of America
Labrador Retriever Club of the Pioneer Valley
Lake Eustis Kennel Club
Lakeshore Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club
Lehigh Valley Kennel Club
Lynn Brubaker Photography
Mad River Valley Kennel Club
Mensona Kennel Club
Mercyvet (from clients @ office)
Mile High Agility Training
Mini Magazine
Miniature Schnauzer Club of Southern California
Mt. Nittany Dog Training
Muncie Obedience Training Club
Multi Colored Poodle Club of America (MCPCA)
National American Pit Bull Terrier Association
National Capital Bearded Collie Club
National Labrador Retriever Club
National Shiba Club of America
Natural Kennels
Nature’s Variety Dog and Cat Food
New England Saint Bernard Rescue Foundation
New England Rhodesian Ridgeback Club
North Georgia Hound Club
Northcoast Bernese Mountain Dog Club
Northeast Wisconsin Spaniel Club
Northeastern Indiana Kennel Club
Northlake Kennel Club
Northland Newfoundland Club – NY
Northern Illinois Schutzhund Club
Norwegian Elkhound Association of Minnesota
Norwegian Elkhound Minuteman Association
Norwich and Norfolk Terrier Club
Norwich Terrier Club of America
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Club of Canada
Nutmeg Portuguese Water Dog Club, Inc.
Ochlockonee River Kennel Club of Florida
Onondaga Kennel Association 622
Orlando Dog Training Club, Inc.
Orange Coast Rhodesian Ridgebacks
Pacific Crest Keeshond Club
Pacific Northwest Chinese Crested Club
Pacific NW Jack Russell Terrier Rescue Network
Pacific Rim Golden Retriever Club
Papillon Association of Puget Sound
Parson Russell Terrier Association of America
Patti’s Groomery and Retreat
Paw Prints Dog Club
Paws Abilities Dog Training LLC
Paws in Motion
Paws with Manners Dog Training
The Pawsitive Dog LLC
Pawsitively Elite
Peaceful Pack Dog Training
Pembroke Welsh Corgi Club of Southern California
Peninsula Australian Shepherd Association
Peninsula Pups Training and Consultation
PHI Beta K-9 School for Dogs
Pine Tree Golden Retriever Club
Pomeranian Club of Central Indiana
Point Loma Pet Pantry
Poodle Club of the Lehigh Valley
Portuguese Water Dog Club of America
Portuguese Water Dog Club of Northern California
Portuguese Water Dog Foundation, Inc.
Products 4 Pets
Prospect Labradors and Training
Pug Club of Canada
Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of the United States
Ridgeback Rodeo
Rio Salado Vizsla Club, Inc.
Saluki Club of Canada
Saint Bernard Club of America
St. Catherines Kennel Club
St. Louis Herding Club
Samoyed Assoc. of Minneapolis, Saint Paul
Samoyed Club of America
Samoyed Club of America Education and Research Foundation, Inc.
Sawnee Mountain Kennel Club
Sheba The Quad Dog Productions
Siberian Husky Health Foundation
Simply Schnauzers – The MINI Magazine
SK9 Scottish Terrier Rescue
Small K-9 Rescue
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of America Endowment
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Club of So Cal
Souhegan Kennel Club, Inc.
South Coast Agility Club
South Jersey Agility Club
South San Diego Vet Hospital
South Shore Kennel Club
Southeastern Indiana Kennel Club
Southern Alberta Small Dog Club
Southern California BARF Co-op (SoCal BARF)
Southern Colorado Kennel Club
Southern Michigan Weimaraner Club (SMWC)
Southland Weimaraner Club Inc.
Southwest Airedales
Spinone Club of America
Sporting Dog Fanciers of New Mexico
Sta-Can Kennels
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of America
Standard Schnauzer Club of Southern California
Star of the North Chinese Shar-Pei Club
Stormhill Kennels, Reg.
Swanback Jacks – English Jack Russell Terriers
Sweet Bay Hol-Sale Inc.
Talcott Mountain Agility Club
Terra Cotta Kennels
Texas Scottie Rescue Fund, Inc.
Texas Toy Schnauzers
Tobin Productions (in memory of “Sibby” and “Max”)
Toy Dog Club of Puget Sound
Twin Cities Lhasa Apso Club
Ultra Oil for Pets
United German Shepherd Dog Alliance
United Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Association (UHWVA)
The Urban Carnivore
Vacationland Dog Club
Valparaiso Kennel Club
Versatility in Poodles
The Veterinary Alternative
Victory Crossroads Kennel Club
Vitality Pet Care
Wachusett Kennel Club
Weimaraner Foundation Fund
West Los Angeles Obedience Training Club
Western Irish Setter Club
Western Reserve Kennel Club
Wheeler Charitable Foundation
White Shepherd Genetics Project
The Wilmington Kennel Club
Wind River Kennels
Wisconsin Saint Bernard Rescue
The Wolf Family Charitable Trust
Yorkshire Terrier Club of America
Yorkshire Terrier Club of America Foundation, Inc.
Youngstown All-breed Training Club