Kris' Meadow - Rabies Challenge Fund Inspiration and Mascot

"Meadow developed a malignant mast cell tumor directly on his rabies vaccination site (the syringe hole still visible in the tumor center). He was 6 years old at the time. After surgery removing part of his rear right thigh left dirty margins, his prospects for survival were not good. This event prompted me to investigate the canine rabies vaccine and develop The Rabies Challenge Fund. "
- Kris L. Christine


Mimi's Izzy

After receiving a 3 year rabies vaccine in 1998, Izzy began experiencing a variety of autoimmune issues that would plague her for the rest of her life. She was the most gentle, sweet soul and never let her problems get in the way of living a life filled with grace and love. She was an inspiration for a number of fundraisers for The Rabies Challenge Fund.

Andrea's Woofit and Chi

"This research will play a monumental role in the veterinary care of every dog. As a grassroots effort it needs everyone's support. Without it over vaccination will continue."
- Andrea Brin

Laurryn's Velvet
"To say nothing -- to DO nothing -- STOPS nothing.The Rabies Challenge will make a difference in the health of our dogs!"
- Laurryn Simpson

Tunia's Willie and Argyle
"I am convinced that my five year pledge of financial support of the Rabies Challenge Fund is imperative. If full funding of this most worthy research is not attained millions of the pets we so dearly love will continue to suffer from continuing over vaccination."
- Tunia Hyland
Jan's Jiggy and Chiclet
"Jiggy (left) developed autoimmune liver disease after a rabies shot and subsequently developed liver and bladder cancer. Chiclet (right) passed away after years of vaccinosis issues. We support the Fund because it will potentially help protect the health of every dog in America. Every dog! What could be better than that?"
- Jan Rasmusen

Judy's Peaches
ADCh Southern Sands Peaches TM-B, JCH-B, *2007 USDAA 16" Regional GP Finalist, AX, AXJ, Clean Run's Ultimate 60 Weave Pole Breed Champion, CGC (10 years old). Sadly retired at 7 years due to rabies vaccine-induced Ischemic Vasculitis as per Univ. of Penn.
- Judy Schor