The Rottweiler is a popular dog breed, both in the United States and throughout the rest of the world.

Originally a working breed used to pull carts, the Rottweiler is now a common American household pet.

This canine breed is known for the following qualities:

  • Loyalty
  • Strength
  • Friendliness

When modern breeders use Rottweilers to create mixed breeds, many of the endearing features of the Rottweiler remain intact, while the new mixed breed dog has its own striking characteristics.

25 Captivating Rottweiler Mixed Breeds

  1. Rottie Bordeaux
  2. Schnauzweiler
  3. Pinweiler
  4. Rottpeake
  5. Dachsweiler
  6. Bernese Rottie
  7. Reagle
  8. Cockweiler
  9. Aussierottie
  10. Staffweiler
  11. Weimarrott
  12. Saint Weiler
  13. Rotterman
  14. Weiler Dane
  15. Boxweiler
  16. French Bullweiler
  17. Rotthound
  18. Rottle
  19. Borderweiler
  20. Shepweiler
  21. Golden Rottie
  22. Labrottie
  23. Rottsky
  24. Pitweiler
  25. Rott Peirce

1) Rottie Bordeaux

When breeds cross a Bordeaux Mastiff with a Rottweiler, the resulting cross breed pup is supersized.

While this might appear like one of the scariest dog breeds, the Rottie Bordeaux has an even temper. Loving and devoted to his family, a Rottie Bordeaux makes for a wonderful companion dog.

If you require a guard dog, the size, intimidating looks, and courageous nature make the Rottie Bordeaux one of the best bets.

Like many of the larger Rottweiler mixed breeds, these dogs often enjoy the canine sport of cart pulling, according to AKC (American Kennel Club).

2) Schnauzweiler

The Schnauzweiler is the result of mixing a Rottweiler and a Schnauzer.

This Rottweiler mixed breed is considered a medium-sized dog. Smart and intelligent, Schnauzweilers are also courageous and watchful. Like many mixed breed Rottweilers,

Schnauzweilers are a solid choice for guard dog duty.

As well as giving a Schnauzweiler plenty of vigorous exercise, you should also keep this breed mentally and emotionally stimulated. Although these dogs are trainable, they may demonstrate stubborn or willful qualities. Pack plenty of patience and use lots of positive reinforcement when training a Schnauzweiler, though, and you’ll end up with an obedient and commanding companion for life.

3) Pinweiler

A Pinweiler comes from mixing a Rottweiler and a miniature Pinscher. This small cross breed is well known for having high energy levels, so make sure you and your family can keep up.

Like both the parent breeds, Pinweilers are smart and playful, often a frustrating combination for owners!

Highly assertive dogs, Pinweilers can be fiercely independent at times. Balancing this out, this breed can be friendly and outgoing on occasion.

4) Rottpeake

When breeders mix Rottweilers and Chesapeake retrievers, the resultant Rottpeakes are large pups with extremely high energy levels.

Since both parent breeds are super-smart dogs, the Rottpeake is also intelligent and often excels in trick training.

Highly protective, Rottpeakes make good guard dogs, while at the same time demonstrating plenty of affection to their families.

5) Dachsweiler

Mixing a Rottweiler and a dachshund results in a small dog breed rather than the large-breed Rottweiler which can make an intimidating pet for inexperienced owners.

Both of the Dachsweilers parent breeds are notorious for their stubborn streaks. You’ll need to keep this breed occupied and mentally stimulated. Invest in plenty of fun games and toys to keep your Dachsweiler on his toes.

6) Bernese Rottie

The Bernese Mountain Dog x Rottweiler mix is known as a Bernese Rottie. As you would expect given the size of the parent breeds, this towering dog will need plenty of space to roam. You should also have a large outdoor space that’s fully secured.

These alluring mixed breed pooches are typically affectionate and remarkably intelligent. As such, they make superb family pets.

The thick coats of this breed shed copiously. You should allow for a reasonable grooming budget if you want to keep a Bernese Rottie looking happy and healthy.

With moderate exercise needs, a short daily walk will be more than enough for most Bernese Rotties.

7) Reagle


The Reagle cross breed occurs when breeders mix a Rottweiler and a beagle.

As you can imagine, this pup is liable to inherit the best qualities of both breeds. Beagles are well known for their sweet, gentle, and loving natures. At the same time, beagles can also be surprisingly stubborn. Rottweilers, on the other hand, are courageous and confident canines. Roll these two powerhouses together and you get a cross breed pup who is playful, outgoing, and the perfect family dog.

8) Cockweiler

Crossing a Rottweiler and a cocker spaniel gives you the inimitable Cockweiler.

Friendly, cute, and playful puppies, this mixed breed is another excellent family pet.

Cockweilers are typically smarter than purebred Rotties and have moderate exercise needs of a regular daily walk.

9) Aussierottie

The Aussierottie comes from breeders mixing Rottweilers and Australian shepherds.

Most Aussierotties will inherit herding instincts from their Australian shepherd parents. This mixed breed is a great choice if you live on a ranch or a farm. Their parentage and genetics mean that Aussierotties often enjoy herding activities like Treiball.

Due to their herding origins, this cross breed is likely to be extremely active and smart. As such, you should ensure that you give this breed plenty of vigorous exercise and lots of mental stimulation.

Due to their long and luxurious coats, Aussierotties require regular and reasonably intensive grooming.

10) Staffweiler

Crossing a Rottweiler and a Staffordshire terrier gives you a Staffweiler.

Also known as Staffie Bullweilers, these mixed breed dogs are incredibly playful. Since both parents are confident and brave and the Staffie parentage leads to a goofy mixed breed, the end result is a balanced dog ideal for more experienced pet parents.

Staffordshire terriers are usually smaller than Rottweilers, so you can expect these hybrid dogs to fall somewhere in between in terms of size.

11) Weimarrott

Weimarrotts are mixed breed dogs resulting from mixing a Rottweiler and a Weimaraner.

Large mixed breed dogs with exceedingly high energy levels, these cross breed dogs are athletic and powerful, making them the ideal running or hiking partner. You’ll need to give Weimarrotts lots of vigorous exercise. If you would describe yourself as a couch potato, this mixed breed Rottie is not for you.

For those with active lifestyles looking for a striking Rottweiler mixed breed, the Weimarrott is well worth popping on your shortlist.

12) Saint Weiler

Saint Weilers are the result of breeders mixing Rottweilers and Saint Bernards.

Oversized and commanding, while at the same time exuding calm, these gentle giants have very low energy levels.

The drawbacks of this mixed breed are the drooling and grooming aspects. If you can look beyond those elements, a Saint Weiler is sure to draw admiring glances everywhere you go.

13) Rotterman


Rottermans are mixed breeds that come from mixing a Rottweiler and a Doberman pinscher.

These pups are calm, confident, and obedient.

Dobermans and Rottweilers come from the same general area, and they also have many similar qualities and characteristics. Unsurprisingly, mixing these breeds is popular.

As both parent breeds are known for their size and high energy levels, Rottermans need lots of exercise and just as much mental stimulation.

Notoriously fearless and always alert, the Rotterman is ideal if you need an effective guard dog in your life. These mixed breeds pups are also known for being highly affectionate with family members, earning them the nickname of Velcro Dogs.

14) Weiler Dane


Weiler Danes are the result of dog breeders mixing Great Danes and Rottweilers.

As you would expect given the parentage, a Weiler Dane is a large or extra-large breed that requires plenty of space to roam around. These cross breeds are not a smart choice if you live in an apartment or a house with limited space.

Both Great Danes and Rottweilers share a common personality trait: both breeds are lap dogs at heart despite their enormous bulk. If you decide to bring a Weiler Dane home, you’ll need to be prepared for him to work his way up on top of you every time you sit down.

Both parent breeds are prone to developing hip dysplasia. Keep a close eye on the joint health of this mixed breed to avoid any health complications with his joints.

15) Boxweiler


The Boxweiler is a boxer and Rottweiler mix. The resulting large cross breed will be playful and friendly.

This mixed breed has very high energy levels, so be sure you can accommodate those needs or these dogs can easily develop destructive tendencies. Both boxers and Rottweilers are smart dogs, so you’ll need to supplement exercise with ample mental enrichment to ensure that this mixed breed thrives.

16) French Bullweiler


Mixing the Rottweiler and the French bulldog results in a stunning cross breed Rottie known as a French Bullweiler.

The French bulldog is renowned for its easy-going and friendly nature, and this is inherited by the French Bullweiler. Thankfully, this characteristic helps to balance out some of the nerves inherited from the Rottweiler parent.

A reasonably small mixed breed, this designer dog will be much smaller than the average Rottweiler cross breed.

17) Rotthound

One of the cutest and strangest looking cross breed Rotties, the Rotthound comes from mixing the Rottweiler and the basset hound.

With comically short legs and adorable expressions, this crossed breed would make a unique and family-friendly addition to any home, even for inexperienced pet parents.

18) Rottle

The arresting Rottle is the result of dog breeders mixing poodles and Rottweilers.

Unlike some mixed breed Rotties, the Rottle is very easy to train and very obliging. You will need to give these dogs lots of exercise to keep them happy and healthy. They also require lots of mental stimulation.

The poodle parentage of this cross breed means they won’t shed as much as a purebred dog.

19) Borderwieler

When breeders mix Rottweilers and border collies, the resulting Borderweilers are powerful and driven dogs that are also super-smart.

One of the best things about the Borderweiler is their easily trainable nature. They make great candidates for agility and obedience work, and they also enjoy playing flyball. Give this mixed breed Rottie loads of exercise. You’ll need to allow for more than a walk around the neighborhood, too. With demanding and vigorous daily exercise requirements, these dogs are the perfect choice for active families looking for a pet who is always ready to tag along and who never seems to run out of energy.

If you like the idea of bringing a pet home who could also compete in some energetic dog sports, look no farther than the Borderweiler.

20) Shepweiler


The Shepweiler is the result of breeders mixing a Rottweiler and a German shepherd. The large cross breed Shepweiler packs most of the best qualities of both parent breeds.

There is a degree of variation when it comes to the appearance of Shepweilers, also known as German Rotties.

German shepherds are one of the popular dog breeds in the United States, so you’ll have lots of mixes to choose from. When a Rottweiler is mixed with a GSD, you’ll be rewarded with a curious and intelligent dog who is also super-obedient and eager to please.

Alert, protective, and watchful like both parent breeds, the German Rottie can function as a highly effective watchdog or guard dog, while also coming across as lovable and loyal family pets.

21) Golden Rottie


Dog breeders mixing golden retrievers and Rottweilers produced the mixed breed known as the Golden Rottie.

Golden retrievers have kind, sweet, and friendly natures. When mixed with Rottweilers, the cross breed tends to inherit these characteristics.

Loving and social, the Golden Rottie would make a great family pet. You just need to make sure you can provide him with lots of exercise and mental stimulation.

22) Labrottie


The Labrottie is a cross breed Rottie that comes from mixing the Rottweiler and the labrador.

As you would expect given the parent breeds, the Labrottie is a towering pup with abundant energy levels. These dogs are also incredibly lovable, rendering them great family pets.

Due to the friendly and outgoing personality of the labrador parent breed, the Labrottie is liable to be more even-tempered and more social than a pure breed Rottweiler.

23) Rottsky

The Rottsky comes from breeders mixing Rottweilers and Siberian Huskies. These adorable cross breed pups are typically very active and equally as outgoing.

With both parent breeds being large dogs, the resulting cross breed is also usually a big pooch.

Due to the Husky parentage, you can expect these cross breed dogs to inherit mane-like coats that require lots of grooming.

Give these dogs plenty of physical and mental exercise and you’ll never look back.

24) Pitweiler


Pitweilers come from canine breeders mixing the Rottweiler and the pit bull, usually the American Pit Bull terrier.

Cute, friendly, affectionate mixed breed dogs, the Pitweiler is also notoriously strong-willed and frustratingly stubborn.

If you train and socialize these dogs from a young age and provide them with exercise and mental enrichment, you’ll end up with a happy and healthy pup.

Although a Pitweilers can be a lovable family pet, it is inadvisable to leave these dogs alone with small animals – even other dogs – due to their powerful prey drives.

25) Rott Peirce

Crossing a Rottweiler and a Shar Pei gives you a medium-sized canine breed that is liable to inherit the trademark wrinkles of the Shar Pei parent.

The Shar Pei has a reputation for being wary and aloof around strangers, often even suspicious. This is not a dangerous dog, but this mixed breed should nevertheless always be handled with care. The Rott Peirce would make a first class guard dog.

If you decide to bring one of these mixed breed Rotties home, you should make sure that you socialize and train them from a young age. Take care of these requirements and you should end up with a well-adjusted mixed breed Rottie.

The independent and sometimes willful nature of these designer dogs means that inexperienced owners should think twice.


We hope today’s bumper guide to the most attractive Rottweiler mixes has given you plenty of inspiration if you’re thinking about bringing a new pet home.

First time or inexperienced pet parents might struggle with a Rottweiler in the house, but many of the mixed breeds showcased above are more manageable and less intimidating that the mighty Rottie.

Buying a new dog is not a decision to take lightly. Never choose a breed based purely on aesthetics. Ensure that you can meet the food and exercise needs of dogs from all breeds on your shortlist.

Take your time and choose wisely. Many dogs could be with you and your family for 15 years or more so it’s vital to get the right match.

Bookmark GO Boxer Rescue before you head off and be sure to pop back soon!

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